Digital Signage is being utilized by more and more businesses. Thanks to advances in technology this isn’t just something for businesses with huge budgets. To put it very simply digital signage is just a sign displayed with a TV or other monitor. It can be frustratingly confusing trying to learn and set up digital signage at your business. Cloudy Zebra is here to help. We take all the confusing mumbo jumbo and just get you set up how you want.

If you own a small business that has a physical location customers and clients visit than utilizing new technology to boost sales and increase customer interaction is a no-brainer.

Own a restaurant or other eatery? How about encouraging your customers to post on instagram with #yourbusiness and than have their picture scrolling across the TV in your shop as they wait! Most people will try it out of curiosity just to see if it works. What this does is shows all of their connected social media friends that they are at your business and enjoying themselves, which helps with your viral marketing. The same thing applies to almost any business like bars, doctors offices, mechanic shops, gas stations, beauty salons, coffee houses, schools, churches and any other business that has people inside a physical property.

You can do so much more than just a # campaign. You can display news, weather forecasts, sports updates, facebook feeds, videos, pictures, basically anything that you want. Digital signage keeps your customers entertained and makes them interact. You can change your display very easily any time you wish. With this awesome power house available to all Cloudy Zebra decided to make it as easy as possible for a business to start utilizing digital signage to increase sales and customer interactions.
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