Improve Your Sales with Enhanced eCommerce

When you run a company you know having data is vitally important in improving your business efficiently and correctly. When you have data you can improve things. If you sell products or digital items online implementing enhanced eCommerce can help you find the areas causing issues for your clients, see if there is a consistent portion of your checkout experience where users leave, see where product placement on your website affects sales, and see exactly which products are being sold and how much revenue you are generating with online sales. This data can be displayed very nicely within your Google Analytics dashboard. Here is an example

google analytics display of enhanced ecommerce shopping behavior analysis


Enhanced eCommerce is extremely difficult to set up

Enhanced eCommerce provides amazing data and can help you drastically improve your online sales with data, it is known as the most difficult implementation to set up in Google Analytics. Having a digital professional is highly recommended for implementation. It is a process that takes time, from initial implementation, testing, debugging and then finally live testing. From custom JavaScript, DataLayer pushes, Analytics pushes, to the correct implementation. For instance Products and Product are completely different terms and if you use the incorrect one the data in Google Analytics won’t be correct.

thorwing a computer into the garabage can


Enhanced eCommerce Implementation and Management

Cloudy Zebra has helped both small and global companies with their analytics implementations and we may be able to help you as well. If you are ready to improve your eCommerce data and are serious about improving your revenue and website we would love to speak with you. You can send us an email and we can schedule a time to discuss your company, it’s products and what your business goals are going forward. We look forward to speaking with you. and diving into your business and helping you with a digital plan of growth.