If you could prevent your website from losing 60% of its visitors, would you?
How much would you pay to not only stop this from happening – but gain a clear
and distinct edge over your competition? (Hint: If they don’t prevent this
from happening, they’ll be seeing exactly the same disastrous effect)
What if you could protect your lead flow (or dramatically increase it)… for
less than the price of a cheap cup of coffee per day for just one year?
The truth is, this is not speculation. It’s literally happening right now.
If your website hasn’t been affected – it will be… very, very soon.
My name is Dennis; I’ve been a computer programmer for over 30 years,
and helped businesses increase their customer acquisition (via internet) for
10 of those 30 years.
You can say I know the internet inside out.
And what I’m discussing here is the fact that 60% of all customer searches
are on mobile. It’s crucial to be seen by those customers.

If you can’t be found on mobile – you lose – and your competitors win.
Simple formula.
(Here’s an article on those numbers: Worldwide, More Than Half Of Google’s Searches Happen On Mobile)

The reason I’m reaching out to you today is I’ve looked at your site, and your
site is ‘not up to code’ – according to Google.
(See for yourself!: Google Mobile Friendly Test)
Google is rewarding sites that are mobile friendly and ranking them higher.
This means, if your competitors are mobile friendly, Google will prefer to have them
higher in search results when a customer searches for your market on their mobile devices.
Translation?: Visitors/customers end up on your competitors’ mobile-friendly websites instead of yours.

Don’t take my word for it, here’s what Tech Crunch had to say about it:
Google’s latest mobile search algorithm update makes having a mobile-friendly site even more important
And Venture Beat:
Google will start ranking ‘mobile-friendly’ sites even higher in May 2016
Here’s the thing…
Being mobile is crucial to either keep your traffic or ‘steal’ it from
your competitors who aren’t mobile-friendly.

HOWEVER, this doesn’t necessarily mean more sales.

Let me explain…

Even if you get more eyes on your new mobile-ready site, potential customers are very finicky.
If they don’t find what they want in 5 seconds, or less, they move onto the next
website in their search results…

• A visitor wants to be able to click a button that instantly dials and connects with a real person FAST!
• Or he/she wants to share the page to an interested friend instantly – and it needs to be easy
• Maybe the visitor wants to simply send you an email for more info before talking to a live person

ALL this (and more) needs to be at their fingertips the moment they hit your site.

The good news is:
Many business owners don’t realize this – which could be a huge advantage to you.

The bad news is:
Since your site isn’t doing this – you’re losing visitors to your competition.

We know how a website visitor ‘ticks’ and what drives the sale.
When visitors leave your competitors’ website, and visit yours – we know how to lock them in.
How? Your competitor doesn’t know how to handle a mobile visitor and
we can help you with this!
They’ve likely hired a company whose sole purpose is creating a mobile-friendly site; when that’s
only part of the equation.
(REF: Mobile Vs. Desktop: Mobile Won, But You Might Still Be Losing)

Of course, this is where we come in.
This is what we do – drive sales! We know tech plus marketing – when most only know one or the other.

And it all starts with a mobile-friendly AND mobile-sale-friendly site.

We know how to make your website mobile-friendly – ALL without changing your regular non-mobile site you have now.

And we can do this within 3 days of starting. (yep, we’re very efficient)

I created this ‘mock up’ for you to check out: Your Mobile Preview Link
It’s what your website can look like on mobile – and how it fares ‘mobile-wise’.

Notice, with the mockup, visitors have the ability to instantly call you or get directions.
All your copy/content is still there to help convert them to a viable prospect.
They don’t have to hunt down any of this information – it’s all right there!

By making mobile design and functionality a priority, we help businesses close the sale much
faster because we understand conversions!

Unlike other companies that will simply make your site mobile-friendly, and not have any interest in actually driving sales – We’re centered on increasing your sales.

Let’s talk more…

Click this link: Schedule a call

and choose a time that’s best for you to talk further. (I’d recommend sooner than later)
We’ll personally call you at your convenience, for no more than 30 minutes (I know your time is precious).

We can discuss your business and how my team and I can help.


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