Tag Management Solutions with Google Tag Manager

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What is Google Tag Manager (GTM)?


In it’s simplest form it is a tag management system that allows easier implementation for tags like Google Analytics, Facebook Pixels, Google Adwords, Firebase Analytics, Floodlight and any other 3rd party or custom tags you need. With GTM you only have to add one code to your website, similar to adding your analytics code. Once this code is inserted than there is no need to ping your developers to add new code script to your site, allowing for your business to make changes and updates more quickly. You can also deploy dynamic schema for your business, video view tracking, and products and set up enhanced ecommerce tracking.

confussed manWhy would your business want to implement GTM?

The beauty of this tag management is you can make edits, test and debug all through the system, without editing your site code! Once you have tested your implementation you are then ready for some live testing and can save your changes. This means your business can focus on getting the data it needs while ensuring your users experience isn’t harmed!


Now while this tag management solution is amazing, it is not simple. From adding tags with the correct script, setting up the right triggers, scraping the DOM of your pages to pull the information you need, to writing custom JavaScript for specific variables (like product price, name, sku, and so much more,) and then adding all these things together to work how you want. After set up you would then go through the user flows to test and debug. This can all be overwhelming, and lets face it you have a business to run and your time is valuable.

GTM Management and Consulting

Cloudy Zebra offers Google Tag Management and helps set up your GTM, edit any tags, variables, and triggers and helps set up tracking for any data on your site you want. You can track page views, what buttons are clicked, what forms are filled out, what files are downloaded, add schema, etc. From monthly management options to specific task options we can help your business. Having the correct data about your website and visitors can be used to dramatically increase your business, lower your ad costs and improve your overall performance.

Spare your computer and contact us today for a discussion on what your business is looking to have done with Google Tag Management.