Cloudy Zebra SEO is well aware that there are a ton of people and companies offering business owners search engine optimization services. We have seen and heard many business owners get taken advantage of in the SEO market place. The only flat rate SEO services a business owner should ever consider are on page optimization and social site optimization and set up. When it comes to ranking keywords though a flat rate SEO service just doesn’t hold up. There is no way that ranking for a highly competitive keyword takes the same amount of work as a rarely used, low performing keyword. If any internet marketing agency tells you this run, run far, far away.

We do not offer any out of the box pricing for our SEO services here but all you do is fill out our discovery page form and within 24-48 hours we will deliver a custom plan of attack for your company online. Take a listen to our short informational and helpful podcast.

When you are ready to dominate your competition online with professional SEO then shoot us an email or you can call 518.288.8736


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