The difference between PPC and SEO

Deciding on what avenue to spend your companies advertising dollars is a massive decision that can make and break your ROI. There are thousands, if not millions, of  ways to spend your hard earned dollars for marketing your businesses products and or services. When it comes to digital marketing a huge choice one must make is choosing between PPC, SEO or doing both.


If you are getting ready to invest or re-invest in a digital media campaign then you may be asking yourself what is the difference is between PPC and SEO. First of all with all these 3 letter abbreviations you may be thinking it has something to do with government agencies but simply they mean Pay Per Click (what is PPC) and Search Engine Optimization (What is SEO.)  Give a listen to the audio below for highlights on differences between the two with positives and negatives of PPC campaigns given. To sum it up pay per click is like putting a Band-Aid on your hand when you cut off your finger while SEO is getting a brand new hand that works and looks better than it did before.

pay per click is like putting a Band-Aid on your hand when you cut off your finger Click To Tweet

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