Every successful business owner spends a lot of time and money on their website, making it look decent and convert well. The problem is how many business owners are completely ignoring their websites when viewed on a phone.

Your mobile website matters more than ever right now. You may have gotten an email from me talking a little about it because I want every one of my connections to be successful and giving them a heads up to check is the least I can do. Google is actively trying to convince site owners to make their site mobile-friendly, thumb-friendly and fast on mobile devices.

Mobile traffic online accounts for over 60% of all traffic so please don’t ignore it. Every day you have a non thumb friendly website you are losing business to your competition, there is no doubt about this. Think about the last time you went to a website on your phone that was hard to read, 9 out of 10 of you immediately hit the back button and went to one of the competitors site.

Let’s look at some examples and how to check out your site. First just go to your website on your phone. How does it look? If it wasn’t your website would you navigate it on your phone or would you look for an easier to use site?

Here is an example. Now please note this is a great company and they do awesome work and I would recommend using them BUT their site is a perfect example.

Site is easy to use and navigate on desktop:

But then it looks the same on the mobile side of things so you have to zoom in just to read it! If I wanted to call them how would I?

Now not only do you lose customers who land on your page but do you think it changes your rankings on Google? Using this same example let’s do a google search. This company is in spot #1 when you search from the desktop

Now the same exact search from my mobile phone this company drops to number 6! That means 75% of people on their phones will never even see this listing. Also notice how google lists that a site is mobile friendly or not. On mobile, over half of the internet traffic, will click their competitors and on average will never even know this company exists.-

Now anyone reading this understands this is costing your company money every day. For about the same amount the average person spends on coffee a month I can fix your mobile site and get you back in the game. The beauty of it is I don’t change your desktop site at all, it only changes your mobile side! It’s a no-brainer. Here is a mock up of what I could do for this company in just a few days time.
Want a mock-up of what I can do for you? It takes less than a minute just put your email and website in and you can see an example of your site being thumb friendly. https://cloudyzebra.com/mobile/

Call me today and let’s get your business mobile ready. 518-288-8736

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Article Source: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/look-your-website-phone-right-now-matt-martoccio


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