Mobile websites and Google search

Google is starting to decrease your ranking indicators if your website is not mobile friendly. Keep reading to see how to fix it.

I’m sure you have all heard the major announcements from Google for the past few years asking all webmasters to make sure their websites are mobile friendly by May 2016. Mobile search is more than half the searches typically and losing your great rankings that you’ve worked hard on would suck and cost you money.

Cloudy Zebra is right here in Ballston Lake, NY and we offer services to make your site mobile friendly and look amazing without altering your desktop side of your site. Visit the link below to see how awesome we can make your site look on mobile! Go ahead, take a look.

Turn your desktop site into a mobile site online


Now that you are all sorts of excited after seeing how gorgeous your new mobile website is going to look you may not care if your current one is friendly or not because of how awesome we can make it look. But if you want to check to see if your website is mobile-friendly for yourself with Google they have an amazing tool,


Want a completely ugly, non branded mobile website?
This option should just be a very temporary fix as it doesn’t keep the colors and feel of your desktop site and honestly looks pretty ugly but at least it is mobile friendly. If you are using wordpress as your site editor:

1) Download the Jetpack Plugin (

2) Log in to your WP dashboard

3) Click plugins, add new (USE CAUTION. Make a FULL backup of your site data and database before proceeding and confirm your wordpress and other plugins are up to date and your site is secure.)

4) Click upload plugin

5) Upload the zip file you just downloaded for the Jetpack Plugin

6) Click activate plugin

7) Go to the side bar and click Jetpack Settings

8) Scroll down and click mobile theme and configure

9) Choose your settings and click save.

10) Go to your website on your phone and see how your site looks.

11) When you are ready to have a better mobile site contact Cloudy Zebra SEO. 518-288-8736

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